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Stemulation Luxury Skin Care


Facial Serum 30ml
Our smoothing Facial Serum uses revolutionary technology to stimulate the natural growth and reproduction of skin cells for those who want to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. You’ll achieve a radiant glow that can only come naturally with the appearance of new skin.

• Nourishes deep into the dermis to produce radiant skin
• Improves problematic areas
• Evens out skin tones
• Provides age-defying rejuvenation
• Skin of all ages will see the signs of aging vanish

Apply 1 - 2 pumps of Stemulation Serum to clean dry face and neck to improve the appearance of skin texture and tone. For maximum benefits use twice daily and with our Boost Crème.


Boost Creme 30ml
Stemulation™ Boost Crème enhances the effectiveness of the Stemulation™ Serum by activating natural exfoliation prompting the skin to rejuvenate, as well as providing protective benefits from our antioxidant ingredients. Used in combination with Stemulation™ Facial Serum we have created an ideal blend that rids the body of old, dead or damaged skin thus allowing a clear and clean path for the Stemulation™ Serum to deliver its regenerative powers. This new cell growth is accelerated through the active media in Stemulation™ giving Stemulation the most powerful natural cell growth activation available anywhere and giving you the skin of your youth. Stemulation™ Boost Crème also boasts an all-natural ingredient from the Tropics that is the worlds most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Independent clinical tests of these Boost ingredients cited a 46% improvement in fine lines and 64% improvement in skin smoothness.

• Renews sun-damaged skin
• Smooths fine lines
• Delays aging by neutralizing free radicals and relieving systemic stress
• Includes anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for clean younger looking skin

Apply twice a day to face, neck and décolletage. Stemulation Boost Crème is designed with powerful antioxidants to activate the natural exfoliation of the skin. For best results, use with Stemulation Facial Serum.


Elevate Eye Creme
A powerful healing breakthrough, this lightweight eye crème is the first and only anti-aging eye crème to combine the benefits of the Stem Cell Growth Factors with potent antioxidants, peptides to increase firmness and elasticity, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimize dark circles. Instantly hydrates to reduce puffiness.

  • Growth factors and peptides work synergistically to improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Reduces dark circles and puffiness around eyes
  • Increases firmness and elasticity
  • Superior moisturizing properties to instantly hydrate

Gently apply a small amount of eye crème from the inner to outer corner of eye. Delicately smooth under eye and then on eyelid. Avoid direct eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly.

Gentle Gel Cleanser
Gentle Gel Cleanser removes makeup and impurities without disturbing the delicate pH balance of the skin. It can also be used by men as a soothing shaving gel. Healing Aloe, antioxidants and calming Chamomile Extract soothe and refresh sensitive skin.

  • Refreshes sensitive skin
  • Heals and soothes skin
  • Cleans and balances skin
  • Improves moisture retention on the skin
  • Aids in lightening aging spots

Use a small amount of cleanser and massage into damp face and neck avoiding area around eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Use morning and night. Great for all skin types.

Daily Microderm Scrub Face and Body
This gentle exfoliating cleanser is formulated with natural ingredients to help refresh and energize the look of dull and damaged skin. Developed to clean refresh and renew skin texture. Leaving skin feeling smooth and healthy with vibrancy you can see. For best results use daily with Stemulation™ Facial Serum and the Stemulation™ Boost Créme.

• Renews skin texture
• Removes impurities
• Clears a path for healthy skin to shine through

Use morning or night to cleanse and exfoliate skin. For best results use daily with our Facial Serum and Boost Créme.

Hi-Impact Serum 15ml
Hi-impact is a transformative serum formulated to illuminate, smooth, and refine skin's surface with a deeply hydrating compound. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced while the skin's natural renewal process is accelerated.

A sophisticated blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C ester (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) and Epidermal Growth Factors (sH-Oligopeptide-1) increases elasticity and collagen production and reignites skin's luminosity, resulting in truly ageless beauty.

With just a few drops, this rejuvenating serum will instantly lift away dullness to reveal a hydrated and brightened complexion, with continued use yielding age-defying results.

Drench Daily Hydration 50ml
This ultra-hydrating formula delivers immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effects that instantly improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Using a biotechnological marine alternative to hyaluronic acid, this treatment provides highly advanced moisture retaining properties improving skin suppleness, elasticity, firmness and tone.

• Provides immediate and long-lasting moisturizing effects
• Instantly improves the appearance of wrinkles
• Reduces dryness and irritation caused by AHA’s and retinol
• Improves skin firmness, tone and elasticity
• Significantly improves hydration

After cleansing and toning, apply to face, neck, and décolleté. Use over Stemulation Facial Serum, Hi Impact Serum

Rescue Repair
Rescue Repair Hand & Body Treatment combines advanced technology with proven age-defying ingredients to replenish the essential antioxidants and peptides your body needs for younger skin. Rescue Repair is designed to restore and renew areas of the hands, feet, knees, elbows and décolletage troubled with age spots, extreme dryness, loose skin and calluses. Our powerful formulation will ensure that even the most problematic of skin conditions will be alleviated.

  • Visibly reduces dryness and inflammation
  • Evens out discoloration
  • Deeply hydrates troubled skin
  • Produces tighter, smoother skin

Apply Rescue repair to problem areas twice daily as a deep nourishing treatment to relieve, firm and hydrate troubled skin.

Relance Body Lotion
A transformative treatment lotion that is the first to use the powerful stem cell growth factors to stimulate all over repair and restoration. Relance is intensely hydrating, antioxidant formulation, created to address the signs of photoaging and fatigued skin. This highly effective body treatment will tighten, tone and revive your skin from head to toe.

  • Gently exfoliates by increasing cellular turnover
  • Hydrates, softens and soothes dry, sun-damaged skin
  • Visibly evens out skin tone
  • Motivates healthy cell response to skin deficiencies
  • Improves skin firmness and tone
  • Stimulates the production of collagen

For best results apply after shower or bath while pores are open to allow maximum penetration. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly.

AHA Herbal Balancing Toner
Our refreshing, antioxidant-packed AHA Toner delicately removes any final traces of make-up and environmental pollutants left after cleansing while maintaining skin’s essential moisture. The toner is enriched with soothing herbal and botanical extracts including witch hazel extract, cucumber extract and green tea extract that accelerate healing while promoting collagen production and preparing skin for maximum absorption of Facial Serum and Boost Crème. You will notice your skin feeling pure, refreshed, and energized.

  • Clears skin surface of environmental pollutants and impurities
  • Counteracts the visible signs of aging caused by free radical damage and UV exposure
  • Aids in lightening age spots and skin discolorations
  • Replenishes and balances skin’s pH
  • Soothes and nourishes irritated skin with herbal complex
  • Accelerates healing

Use a.m. and p.m. daily by pumping product onto a cotton ball or pad and swiping lightly over the face, neck, and décolleté in upward motions. Great for use with combination and oily skin. Use a sunscreen during sun exposure when product is in use.