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A brighter, whiter, more confident smile in an hour!

Sign on for professional teeth whitening with and walk away with a smile you will be proud to share with the world. Our teeth whitening services is one of the quickest and least invasive ways to improve your smile. It is safe, affordable, and long lasting.

Teeth darkening or yellowing is attributed to many different things like drinking coffee or tea, using tobacco products, medications, and eating certain foods - even age is a factor in the discolouring of teeth. In just one hour, we have been able to lighten teeth several shades by penetrating beneath the surface.

Bright Smile is known best for our exceptional results after our specialized Teeth Whitening procedure. Bright Smile Teeth Whitening gels are the strongest available outside the dental office, without the acidity of store bought strips and trays. The hybrid gels are specially formulated to not dry out or damage the teeth in any way, greatly reducing the risk of sensitivity. Teeth whitening is now painless and relaxing!

High grade gel application with LED light treatment. Procedure takes approximately 1 hr.
(Bring an Ipod or audiobook as you will be sitting back and relaxing for the majority of the procedure!)

Take home products:
Teeth Whitening Pen

Treatment package: $225 (takehome products included in the cost of the service for optimal results)


After your procedure, you should’t eat or drink anything (including gum and water) for an hour. During this time, your teeth will continue to whiten. Do not eat or drink anything dark in colour for 24 hours after your teeth whitening session this includes: tea, coffee, curry, blueberries, spinach, and spaghetti sauce.


If you are nursing or pregnant this treatment should be avoided.