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The days of hiding your feet are over. We can have you wearing open-toed sandals and running around barefoot in no time. Toenail fungus is a very prevalent skin-condition and you no longer have to suffer. 

Toenail fungus

The bare bones truth is that fungus doesn’t like light. Laser treatments attack fungus with an intensive, focused beam that kills the organism directly. Several treatments may be needed, as it is possible to re-infect your nails with fungi that have survived on other surfaces on your body or in your home. Three to five sessions are typically needed, though it will vary on severity and age of the fungal infection.

Before & After Care

  • Do not apply any topical anti-fungal or wart treatment for two days before your treatment. 
  • Bring a clean pair of socks and shoes to wear home.
  • Wash sheets, disinfect bath/shower and vacuum the day of treatment
  • Use a fungal spray in all your shoes.
  • Avoid walking bare foot in public places like the pool or gym.